Her Code Teams Up with Boys and Girls Club Emerald Coast

Her Code has teamed up with Boys and Girls Club Emerald Coast to teach coding at Riverside Elementary.

Only 25 percent of computer and math positions are held by women
…and only 19 percent of computer majors are women

why should women and girls do tech?

People in STEM jobs earn 66 percent more than those in other fields

How does Her code Help?

How Does Her Code help?

Her Code uses a holistic approach to tackle the gender gap in the tech field.    Studies show that girls lose interest in STEM as early as age 15.  Societal norms, gender stereotypes, and roles all play a part in steering girls away from STEM.  To solve this, Her Code uses relatable subjects to teach code to grade-school girls, as well as young women.  We believe increasing the relatability of tech encourages girls and women to connect with the subject and will foster a long-term commitment to pursue tech careers.

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